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I have been attending Bodytone for 12 months now. I have a spinal cord injury and my functionality was very limited as a result of my injury.

Bodytone has helped me considerably, it has massively helped my range of movement and my walking has improved drastically. Bodytone has strengthened my muscles and was the right choice for me because the machines are assisted which helps you to get the exercise and range of movement you need, even if you are unable to achieve the movement yourself.

Bodytone is not just an exercise class but a community, a social circle. Both the members and staff are a family. It’s a great atmosphere with great conversation.


I came to Bodytone to increase my exercise and help with my flexibility and movements. The staff are so welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable I have learnt a lot. The whole community within Bodytone is brilliant.

We encourage and share things and I certainly have benefited from this. Often environments can be intimidating but Bodytone is from this. I thoroughly enjoy coming and having a chat and a social with other attendees who are my friends.

Keep up the great work ‘Bodytone rocks’


I enjoy my time at Bodytone, time to relax my mind whilst exercising my body. Everyone is friendly and the staff are helpful, they know when you wish to talk or have some quiet time. My muscles have toned up and I leave feeling much better. I may not have lost much weight but my body shape has changed


I have been using Bodytone machines since day 1. Having had both knees and a hip replacement in the last few years, the beds have helped me redevelop my muscular strength and balance.

The staff here are fantastic and really helpful in suggesting other exercises to get the best out of each session. I just wish my mum had access to a similar set up where she lives.


My general fitness, wellbeing and posture have all improved as a result of Bodytone


My general fitness, wellbeing and posture have all improved as a result of Bodytone


When I came for my Bodytone trial I really enjoyed it.

I enjoy keeping fit and have made many new friends since coming. Bodytone has a great social atmosphere and I like the fact that I can meet new people all of the time.

I now use Bodytone 5 times a week and I also attend the gym.


It’s made a big difference to my arthritic hip. A very relaxed and friendly group and I always feel better in myself when I leave. A real boost to mental health as well.



You only have to exercise for 39 minutes to feel the benefits. A circuit of the equipment exercises all the major muscle groups. Simply start on the first machine for an agreed time then move to the next.

Not only is it recognised for its weight and inch loss benefits but other potential benefits include:


  • Toning of the muscles
  • A stronger core supporting good posture
  • Better circulation
  • Improved general fitness
  • Improved mobility
  • Increased energy and wellbeing

Opening times:

Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm
Weekends – 9am – 1pm

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