Swimming Intensive Lessons
At Yate

Our holiday intensive swimming lessons give children the chance to really accelerate their learning, increase their water confidence and improve their swimming technique. Our courses run over 5 consecutive days which enables children to retain information and focus on building good technique.


1-week intensive swim lesson courses

Stage 1 at 8.30am and 9.30am – for 4yrs + at school
Stage 2 at 8.30am and 9.30am
Stage 3 at 9.00am small pool
Stage 3 and 4 big pool – must be in the big pool already if in stage 3 with us

Each lesson lasts 25 minutes
Cost is £34.20

To book call 0300 333 0300 or pop into Yate Active Lifestyle Centre.

Class Descriptions for Yate
Stage 1 =  for those aged 4+ and at school or going to school in September 2022

Stage 2 = currently in stage 2 or can swim 5m