Virtual Classes


  • Want to squeeze a workout in during the early hours before work?
  • Want to follow an instructor who is exercising at your pace?
  • Want to try a Fitness Class before going to an instructor-led class?

Whether you’re taking part in our virtual cycling class or taking part in a HIIT workout, here are 3 very good reasons why a virtual class may be perfect for you:

Reason 1

You get 3 Instructors per class! Each Instructor works at a different level, from beginner to intermediate and advance.

Just follow the instructor who is working out at your pace; you can choose to switch up or down a level during the session.

Reason 2

Virtual classes run during the early hours of the day enabling you to fit that workout in, have some ‘me-time’, all before the day gets fully underway.

Reason 3

Just like the instructor-led classes, our virtual classes also change their music and moves every 12 weeks.


Your body becomes used to the class and as result it learns to minimise energy expenditure meaning you don’t get the most out of your session. It’s also stimulating to listen to broader range of music rather than the same tracks.

Are you exercising more than once a week?

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