Swimming Reopening

Pool Guidelines

*Children aged 8 years+ and able to swim 200 metres+ (8 lengths) continuously can attended Lane Sessions.  Your parent / guardian will need to pre-book this for you.
The following guidelines apply to everyone who uses Active Swimming Pools, and are there to help create a safe environment for customers and staff. Public swimming will operate with a reduced bather load. Capacity will be based on Swim England guidance and will be continually reviewed. Please follow these guidelines at all times:
1. Please always follow NHS guidelines and DO NOT visit our Centres if you have any symptoms of coronavirus, you’re waiting for a coronavirus test result, you’ve tested positive for coronavirus, or you live with someone / have come into contact with someone who has had symptoms.
2. All swimming sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. Please do not arrive at the Centre without pre-booking. We have a new Online Booking System which enables you to pre-book any activity. You can book in the following ways:


 –  Using our new Active Lifestyles App or our New Online Booking System through our website. Further details on both can be found here


  – By calling 03003330300


If you are a regular pay as you go customer, why not consider joining? For further details please visit https://activecentres.org/memberships/ or by calling 03003330300


3. All swimmers need to arrive at the pool ‘beach ready’. This means that you will need to wear your swimming costume under your clothes.


4. Please arrive no earlier than five minutes before your session. Should you turn up any earlier, you will need to wait outside of the Centre.


5. Showers will not be available. Where possible, please take a shower before coming to the centre and one when you arrive home.


6. Lockers will be available. However please leave any valuables at home as we cannot accept any responsibility for your personal belongings.


7. Please bring a pre-filled water bottle with you. The water fountains will be available, however these are strictly only to be used to re-fill your water bottle.


8. Always follow the directional arrows. We will be operating a one-way system from main reception to changing rooms, changing rooms to poolside and poolside to changing rooms with a side exit from the building.


9. We are allowing 15 minutes between our pool sessions so that our staff can sanitise areas and equipment before the next activity begins.


10. Any equipment used in Aquafit Classes, SwimFit and Lane Swimming (including SwimTag wrist bands), will be sanitised before and after use.


11. When swimming in Lane’s please ensure you comply with social distancing regulations and follow any staff instructions.


In addition to the above rules and regulations, the following rules applies to Public Family Swimming Sessions:


12. During public/family swimming sessions lanes will not be available.


13. Sessions will be a maximum of 45-minutes long to allow cleaning of changing facilities.


14. Please help us to keep our pools open and our swimmers safe by maintaining social distancing of 2 metres from other families whilst in the pool.


15. When attending Family swimming sessions customers are welcome to bring along your own individual fun toys for your entertainment. Items you can bring to these sessions include:


  •  Noddles
  •  Small floats (no larger than a standard single use float)
  •  Dive Sticks/Sinkers
  •  Small play toys e.g. buckets/watering cans


Children under 4yrs: ……1 adult to 2 children
Children 4-7yrs: ……….1 adult to 4 children
Combination of ages: …..1 adult to 3 children
Working on the advice of STA/CIMSPA all children up to 3yrs of age must wear swim nappies before entering the pools. These are available for sale at reception.
Children under 4yrs: ………1 adult to 1 child
Children 4-7yrs: ……….1 adult to 2 children
Combination of ages: ……..1 adult to 1 child
Working on the advice of STA/CIMSPA all children up to 3yrs of age must wear swim nappies before entering the pools. These are available for sale at reception.
No Fee 
Pre-paid Active Total or Lifestyle Member
Adult Swim
Baby/Toddler (under 3yrs)
All children up to 3yrs of age must wear swim nappies
Small Pool Family Swim POD
(Up to a maximum of 6 people)
*Concessionaries are: Juniors (up to 18years); Students (in Full Time education) and Older People (in-line with state retirement age). Lockers: require a £1 returnable coin

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