Adult Swimming Lessons

We believe that everyone should learn to swim regardless of age or ability

It is never too late in life to learn

Swimming has so many benefits compared to a lot of other sports.  It can be relaxing, competitive, therapeutic, and social, can help maintain physical and mental wellbeing and of course save lives.  It also enables you to safely take part in other exciting outdoor activities such as sailing, canoeing, scuba diving, swimming in the sea and more.    

We teach in a safe and friendly environment following Swim England’s world-leading syllabus.  We’ve taught people who are frightened to get into the water, people recovering from illness, to those who already swim and want to improve their stroke technique and stamina.   

There are 4 adult learn to swim stages:

This first Award aims to give swimmers the confidence to get into the pool safely, be able to move around the pool with confidence and not panic if splashed. Be Water Confident classes are for people with no previous swimming experience, or those that have had a bad experience in the past which has halted their swimming journey. 

The second Award teaches the skills necessary to start swimming independently over short distances without support or swimming aids. These classes are for people who have completed the Be Water Confident Award, or who have a small amount of previous swimming experience and feel confident enough to practice skills with the use of floatation equipment (floats, noodles, fins). Hybrid strokes, old English backstroke or sidestroke may be used. 

The third Award aims to teach swimmers the necessary skills to swim up to 400 metres (16 lengths) independently, as well as the confidence to try other activities taking place in the pool including lane swimming. These classes are for people who have completed the Be a Swimmer Award, or for those that can swim 25 metres or more and would like to improve technique and build on stamina. 

The fourth Award is for customers who would like to develop more advanced swimming skills, be able to take part in swim fitness sessions, lane swimming or compete in events.  These classes are for people who have completed the Be a Better Swimmer Award.

If you are interested in joining our adult swimming lessons or would like to find out more, please use our online enquiry form or please give us a call on 0300 333 0300.

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