Babies & Pre-School

We believe that every child’s first experience of being in a pool should be positive, memorable and fun.

Taking your baby or toddler to our pre-school lessons provides unique, precious bonding time, whilst building a lifelong love of water.

Our pre-school lessons follows Swim England’s syllabus which focuses on:

  1. Giving babies and toddler water confidence from the word go
  2. Teaching the core skills needed to learn to swim through fun and games

The syllabus is taught in 2 stages; Discovery Ducklings and Ducklings, along with the ‘I Can…’ awards, which recognise specific single achievements. Children work towards achieving a range of awards, with fun and friendly characters, as they progress through all of the stages.

Discovery Ducklings is the start of the Learn to Swim programme for all pre-school children.

Ducklings is the next step up from the Discovery Ducklings.

These awards are used to help reward pre-school children who may struggle with a specific skill.

    Swimming Lesson Enquiry

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