Accessing Active Gym’s Using Your QR Code

All Active Gym’s now have QR code-enabled Door Access Control. This means pre-paid Members will no longer need to book their Gym Session in advance. Instead, you will be able to arrive at your leisure, bypass reception and access our Gym’s using your unique Membership QR Code.

Pay-you-go members will still need to pre-book online, but you will also have the option of either booking in or bypassing reception.


Watch our video demo here:

  1. Open the Active Lifestyles App.
  2. Select ‘Bookings and Members Area’
  3. Scroll down to ‘My QR Codes’ to access your unique QR Code.
  4. Hold your phone roughly 6” above the Gym door access scanner, keeping the QR code the right way up.
  5. The lock will release on the door or turnstile enabling you to access the Gym.

Need to download the App? Find out how, here.

Need to register for an online booking account? Find out how, here.