Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2022


The figures for the 2022 Gender Pay Gap Reporting are shown below. Figures are taken from 5 April and include all contracted staff employed on that date and all casual workers whose services were engaged on that day.


In 2022 we have seen a return to the profile of a negative pay gap (higher pay for female employees than male employees), as we have returned to more usual operating practices within our Centres following the lockdown periods in 2021/2022.

As before, the employee profile of Circadian Trust is dominated by high levels of part-time teaching and coaching staff predominantly filled by female workers. This accounts for the differentials in the quartiles and both the mean and median rates.

However, this does not mean that there is any inequality in rates of pay and we continue to see males and females being paid the same hourly rates when performing the same roles throughout the organisation.

There were no bonuses paid.

1. Mean Gender Pay Gap

MaleFemale  Differential
Mean£14.18  £16.80  -18.48%

2. Median Gender Pay Gap

MaleFemale  Differential
Median£12.49 £15.09  -20.82%

3. Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap

MaleFemale Differential
Mean – –

4. Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap

MaleFemale Differential
Median – –

5. Proportion of Males Receiving a Bonus Payment:


6. Proportion of Females Receiving a Bonus Payment:


7. Proportion of Males and Females in each Quartile Pay Band

Male    Female
Quartile 120%    80%
Quartile 237%    63%
Quartile 336%    65%
Quartile 441%    59%