Payments & Refunds Policy


Terms and Conditions 

All online bookings must be validated at reception/self-serve area prior to attendance. 

Please arrive in good time for your booking; entrance is not guaranteed if you arrive after the allocated start time.

For member bookings, all standard Active Lifestyle Terms and Conditions apply. Circadian Trust, who run and operates Active Lifestyle Centres, reserves the right to update, amend or withdraw terms and conditions at any time  

All bookings and activities fall under Circadian Trust’s Health Commitment Statement. Participants are responsible for monitoring their physical condition and enter into any activity at their own risk. In the event of any unusual symptoms, a member of staff should be alerted immediately.  

Circadian Trust reserves the right to refuse admission to any of its facilities. 

Details on how we use your information can be found here.


Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Customers providing the correct notice period are able to transfer a booking to an alternative date/time only by calling 0300 333 0300. This is subject to availability.  

  • Classes/Racquet sports/single court hire – 2 hours 
  • 5-a-side – 24 hours 
  • Parties (all types) – 2 weeks 
  • Children’s activities (Xheight/Explore/Softplay/Active Camps) – 24 hours 
  • Swimming (public) – 2 hours 
  • Bodytone – 2 hours 
  • Special events (Panto, Wrestling, Music) – Single date events, no transfers 

Should the customer cancel without adequate notice or fail to arrive for a booked activity then no transfer or refund will be given.

Member bookings cancelled without adequate notice or not honoured can be subject to the full activity change and/or booking restrictions.

Should we need to cancel any activity due to circumstances beyond our control, customers will be entitled to transfer their booking to an alternative day/time. If a suitable new day/time cannot be found then the customer will be entitled to a full refund.

All membership cancellations including Swimstars are subject to the standard Active Lifestyle Terms and Conditions. Circadian Trust, who run and operates Active Lifestyle Centres, reserve the right to update, amend or withdraw terms and conditions at any time.