Start-Up Pools

Get the most from your swimv2

Mix up your swimming routine, and achieve your lifestyle goals, with a dip in one of our pools.



SwimTag is worn on the wrist and automatically tracks lengths, calories burned and much more.

You can view your swimming progress over time, take part in challenges and also set yourself motivational personal goals.

SwimTag can be used by all members; no matter what your current swimming ability.



To connect SWIMTAG to your Active Lifestyle App. Simply log into your Active Lifestyles App, go to your ‘profile’, select ‘settings’, then ‘connect apps and devices’ and select SWIMTAG.

Just ask at Reception for SWIMTAG on your next visit.


Improve your stamina and performance in the pool with Swim England fitness-training plans.


You don’t need to be a seasoned swimmer to start off. Session 1 involves swimming 12 lengths (300 metres). By session 10, you will be swimming 38 lengths (950 metres).


With all of the sessions you will notice that there is a warm up, skill development, main set and swim down. This will give your swim session a clear structure to follow. There are also helping hints and tips throughout to keep your swimming on track.

If you’re enjoying these programmes, then why not download the full set of 20 for FREE?

Get full access to all Swim England Programmes by becoming a Swim England Just Swim member.  It costs nothing to join and you’ll gain access to a wide range of resources and information.


We run a variety of sessions for the causal swimmer to the more competitive.


For customers aged 60+ looking to swim in a relaxed, social atmosphere. The 1 metre and 3 metre springboards and a 5 metre platform are open for use during the last 15-minutes during set sessions.

For customers aged 60+ looking to swim in a relaxed, social atmosphere – some centres may chose to play music.

A great all-over workout to music. The water supports the body reducing stress on joints and muscles and because you are in water it helps prevent overheating. Aquafit is particularly good if you are recovering from an illness or injury.

A social session dedicated to people of all ages with disabilities. Carers are also most welcome. We have a range of equipment to help customers change comfortably, and to get in and out of the water safely. Further details of equipment available for each site can be found by clicking here.  Should you require further assistance please call 0300 333 0300.


Diving is one of the most exciting Olympic sports in the world. It involves leaping and springing into water, while trying to perfect a series of perfect body positions. At Kingswood we have a 1 metre and 3 metre springboards and a 5 metre platform.

An active pool session for the whole family to enjoy or bring your friends for some fun time in the pool!

Various abilities 50m+ (slow, medium & fast lanes available). To make this enjoyable, please follow our guidance on lane etiquette.

Rookies Junior Lifeguard Club covers water rescue and emergency response with competitions and challenges. Further details can be found on our site here.

An active pool session for the whole family to enjoy; the pool is filled with toys and floats to splash around with.

These are coached training classes in the pool which are designed to improve swimming fitness, develop stamina, strength and improve stroke technique.

We offer a range of swimming lessons for all abilities from babies to adults. Further details can be found here.


Ideal for swimmers of all abilities looking to improve their swimming fitness and technique for the sport of triathlon.