Xheight Adventure Climb
At Bradley Stoke

Take on a new challenge and take fun to new heights - exclusive to bradley stoke

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XHeight Adventure Climb features 16 challenging themed walls and our thrill-seeking 5 metre high Giants Staircase. Each wall is different and offers a unique climbing experience.

Climbing harnesses are worn, and our auto belays take up the slack as you climb, and smoothly lower you back down. XHeight is suitable for children aged 5 years+, teenagers and adults of all ages.

Get a taste of the action by watching our video below.


Bradley Stoke Active Lifestyle Centre


Maximum Number of Climbers = 8
Minimum Age =  5 years

Sessions start on the hour and are broken down as follows:

  • 5 minutes Registration
  • 10 minutes Health & Safety Briefing
  • 40 minutes of Challenging Climbing
  • 5 minutes Collecting valuables and exiting X-Height


XHeight is currently only available at weekends.

Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 4pm (last session begins at 3pm)


Peak Days = Friday, Saturday & Sunday, School Holidays and Bank Holidays
Off Peak Days = Monday – Thursday

Off-Peak (all ages): £8.00
Child Peak (5-15 years): £12.00
Adult Peak (16 years+): £15.00