At Bradley Stoke Active Lifestyle Centre

About our pools

Bradley Stoke, Kingswood, Longwell Green, Thornbury and Yate Lifestyle Centres all feature:

  • 25 metre Main Pool¬† with¬†6 lanes¬†
  • Small Pool (12 metres long)¬†
  • Poolside hoist or mobile hoist¬†¬†
  • Kingswood also benefits from¬†1metre, 3metre¬†and 5metre¬†Diving Boards¬†
  • Thornbury has a¬†Diving Pit suitable for scuba and club hire¬†
  • Descriptions for all our pool sessions can be found here
  • Please always shower before entering the pool to help maintain good water quality


Please select a Centre:

1 Michael Dimond17 swims
1 Dan Smith17 swims
2 Sue Pyman14 swims
3 steve Cave12 swims
4 Glenda Fackrell8 swims
4 Caroline Sproson8 swims
5 Elaine Corbel7 swims
6 Martha Ryan4 swims
7 Nigel Hopwood2 swims
7 JAMIE PETT2 swims