Fitness Class Descriptions

Get better results working out as a group

Add diversity to your workout by incorporating a wide variety of different classes.

A class solely for strengthening and conditioning abs, core and lower back area; having good core body strength is vital in all physical daily activities and can help improve your sporting performance.

This is a fun and sociable fitness class which features a full body workout to help improve fitness, balance, coordination and increase strength. Long term exercise can improve health and help maintain a healthy weight or aid in weight loss.

Relieve stress and tension, whilst improving your posture and flexibility. A key class for all fitness levels no matter what your health and fitness goals.

Aerobics is a fun, rhythmic dance-like class exercising to music; aerobics improves flexibility and helps to promote fat burning and strengthen the heart and lungs.

Water based class featuring exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Add some Latin flavour and zest to your workout.

A great all-over workout to music. The water supports the body reducing stress on joints and muscles and because you are in water it helps prevent overheating. Aquafit is particularly good if you are recovering from an illness or injury. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


An energetic and High-intensity interval training (HIIT) class in the pool, similar to land based classes with the added resistance of water.

Relieve stress and tension, whilst improving your posture and flexibility. Stretching in the water helps to improve your balance, and can help people with muscular injuries recover. A key class for all fitness levels no matter what your health and fitness goals.  

This is a more advanced dynamic and structured type of yoga which involves doing specific sequences of poses, which are done in a continuous, flowing, fast-paced manner.

This class is a form of metabolic training; in short is a series of exercises (sets), which requires a maximum amount of energy with little rest. This type of training increases your metabolic rate and rate of calorie burn, once the class has finished / during rest.

A whole body workout set to music; designed to improve body shape through tone whilst also working the heart and lungs. This type of class is a perfect complement to most sports and fitness regimes.

Our Boot camps are an intense, high calorie burning class which involve continuous exercises such as push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches, free weights and apparatus. This class is as challenging as you want it to be.

Combines boxing concepts with Aerobic exercise; this workout uses the entire body. If you stick with this workout you’ll develop muscle definition, but you won’t gain bulk. You’ll also enhance hand-eye co-ordination, timing and balance whilst developing strength and stamina.

Is a fun energetic cardio based class inspired by a multiple of disciplines such as kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo. Come along and try a great stress relieving workout which can challenge all abilities to improve general fitness and tone up your body.

Combines weights with aerobic training, and is excellent for improving over-all fitness and muscle tone. The circuit consists of stations; each station has a pre-set exercise. The time between exercises (stations) in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise. This is an intensive class.

Climb fitness is based in Xheight Adventure Climb. The class involves a mixture of climbing intervals and body weight exercises to improve strength and cardio fitness. This is a different and fun class for all ages. You do not have to have any climbing experience to take part.

This class will have you firing on all cylinders, working to strengthen the heart and lungs. Kick and punch your way to fitness with some great tunes.

A great dance inspired cardio workout to music. You’ll engage all muscle groups whilst improving coordination, balance, flexibility and endurance. These classes are great fun and vary from beginners through to advance.

Classes are predominately aimed at strengthening the abdominal ‘tummy’ muscles and lower back. Because the exercises incorporate balancing on or with the ball you’ll engage the deeper core muscles.

Run at a slightly higher tempo to normal Pilates. Fitness Pilates uses the principles and fundamentals of Pilates techniques and exercises, working the whole body with non-impact standing and mat based exercises. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities, and includes weight bearing exercises that can help prevent Osteoporosis.

This class focuses on replicating movements and activities performed in daily life through use of equipment such as Kettlebells, Slam Bags, Training Rope, Bosu Balance Trainers, Thy Coach and Jungle XT and more. You exercise under the watchful eye of our instructors.

One of the best ways to get fit quickly. These workouts burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Classes involve bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by low-intensity active rest. Following the workout your metabolic rate is normally increased meaning your body continues to burn additional calories whilst you are resting.

This is a full body kettlebell circuit working and toning muscle groups. Our instructors will guide you throughout the circuit to ensure exercises are carried out using the correct technique.

These are High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts aimed at burning the maximum amount of fat in minimum time. This class will get you fitter faster; will shape, tone and define the whole body.

This is a relaxed, fun, social fitness session which incorporates an Aerobics class and team sports such as volleyball, netball and hockey. All abilities are welcome; activities vary week to week.

A low-impact class aimed at targeting and toning the thighs, abdominal muscles and bum! This is a popular class which works, and has been around for decades.

This class has specific exercises to manage symptoms of Osteoarthritis and allows you to work at your own pace in a safe and social environment. Exercises can help reduce stiffness in joints, work to strengthen muscles, and help reduce any weaknesses. These classes can also help improve balance and co-ordination, help lift mood and can help reduce pain. Learn how to exercise and fit exercise into your daily routine.

Our aerobic class incorporates the use of a height-adjustable step, enabling you to increase the intensity level, whilst incorporating upper and lower body movements. These exercises have similar benefits to those gained from running, including toned legs, tummy and bum.

Studio Cycling combines intervals of seated, climbing and speed work set to music on a static bike. You control your bikes resistance under the guidance of our instructors. These classes help strengthen your heart and lungs and build endurance.

These are coached training classes in the pool which are designed to improve swimming fitness, develop stamina, strength and improve stroke technique. Classes vary according to Centre.

Yoga can help with stress relief, improve flexibility and breathing control through meditation techniques and can also help with weight loss amongst other health benefits. Our classes run from beginner through to the advanced.

Classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’ll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. Add some Latin flavour and zest to your workout.