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Have you ever wanted to take up a sport but don’t know where to start?

Our instructors and coaches are passionate about their sport. You’ll not only get to learn new skills from our top coaches but you’ll get to socialise and meet new people along the way.

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Course Descriptions


BSLC = Bradley Stoke Active Lifestyle Centre     KLC = Kingswood Active Lifestyle Centre

TLC = Thornbury Active Lifestyle Centre     YLC = Yate Active Lifestyle Centre


Ages: Adults

Discover the social sport of indoor bowls.  Learn the skills required to play this tactical sport.  Indoor bowls can be played casually or at a competitive level.


Ages: 8 years+

En Garde! Why not try this fast-paced, exciting and athletic sport which keeps both mind and body fit.  All equipment is provided. 


Ages: 16 years+

This course is for people who want to retain cognitive ability, decelerate neurological deterioration and shape your disease.  Exercise is medicine.  Get stronger muscles, improve posture and get a healthy dose of endorphins.