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Track & Trace

Protecting you, your family and your local community

We are fully supporting NHS Track and Trace.  Track and Trace plays a key part of the country’s ongoing COVID-19 response. By providing your details, we can rapidly contact you should you come into close contact with a new COVID-19 case.  This is important as lockdown measures are eased and will help us return to a more normal way of life and reduce the risk of needing local lockdowns in the future.

Please spare a moment to provide us with your details.

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We will retain your details in order to contact you should an outbreak occur.

We’re very proud of our coffee

It all begins with our Fairtrade coffee beans – Oh, they’re organic too! 

We are very proud that all of our coffee beans come from the Fairtrade scheme: it means that we can be confident that the farmers and workers who grow our coffee beans are getting a fair price. And our coffee tastes all the better for it. 

More than this, our coffee beans are also 100% organic & from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms that help protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods. 

Our 100% Arabica beans are a carefully chosen blend, grown at high altitude to ensure a memorable and more flavoursome bean. 


It’s only right that we show our tea as much love as our Fairtrade, organic coffee  and hot chocolate. 

That’s why we only serve Pukka organic teas. Pukka shares our commitment to ethical trading and champions Fairtrade for people and Fairwild for sustainability, and their black, green, fruit and herbal teas are quite simply fabulous!  

Sometimes you might be more of an Elegant English Breakfast Tea-drinker, then other times more partial to the herbal Turmeric Gold, or maybe you just love the ‘superpowers’ of Supreme Matcha Green. Whatever tickles your fancy, our Pukka menu has every ‘you’ covered.  

Food to feel your soul

We love food. Full stop. 

It’s why your favourite breakfast sandwich is cooked to order; why our pastries are freshly-baked (as is our unforgettable chocolate brownie); and why our sandwiches are handmade each morning in our kitchens. 

Then there are our tasty wraps, unctuous, oozing melts, scrumptious salads, made with real herbs and the freshest ingredients… our huge, oven-baked, jumbo jacket potatoes, like a hug in a spud… We’ve made sure that we have something yummy for every mood and mealtime, with SOHO be Good for those days when you want something a little lighter and all out indulgence on those days when you absolutely don’t. 

Corporate social responsibility

Ever since we opened our first store in 1999, we’ve known it was our responsibility to be an ethical company and have the trust and respect of customers, staff and partners. 

We’re a part of the community, so it’s important that we get involved with local efforts to bring people together and support positive change where we are able. We are proud that all of our coffee beans come from the Fairtrade scheme: it means that we can be confident that the farmers who grow our coffee beans are getting a fair price. We’re finding ethical ways to minimise our environmental footprint, respond to climate change and we continue to encourage others to do the same.

At SOHO Coffee Co. we welcome a diverse range of people and ideas to our business. As an independent company with independent ideals, we recognise we should always be looking for ways we can improve.  


We were ranked No. 1 coffee brand by Ethical Consumer Magazine in 2015


We are immensely proud of our signature coffee.

We source all our beans from a single artisan roaster, who is committed to the Fairtrade Foundation’s certification programme. Fairtrade is the only certification scheme whose purpose is to tackle poverty and empower producers in developing countries. Their focus is to help farmers and workers to improve the quality of their lives. 

Using only Fairtrade coffee, hot chocolate and tea in every SOHO means that we know, regardless of what is happening in the market place, that our producers are being paid a fair price for their beans.