Aquatic Fitness Classes
At Bradley Stoke Active Lifestyle Centre

Our aquatic group fitness classes have all the social benefits of our land-based ones without the same level of impact on the joints! 

All classes are suitable for beginners to top performers:

  • We run classes set to music which are run by our energetic Fitness Instructors 
  • We also run lane-based classes which aim to improve swimming stamina and stroke technique under the supportive eye of our Swimming Instructors. 

Exercising in the water has many benefits

Water provides up to 12 times the resistance you would get from exercising on land, and because the water supports the body, when exercising there is very little impact on the joints. Our classes are excellent for circulatory fitness, strength training, weight management as well as rehabilitation. Why not benefit form a refreshing and fun workout, and view our timetable to book a class.